Scaled Juniper Blue Karapet - is an evergreen, perennial, ornamental shrub.Crohn this shrub - prostrate.He has a short, needle needles blue or blue-gray color, which grows up to a centimeter.The pace of growth of the plant is very slow, the year juniper bush grows up to 3 cm in height and 5 cm in width.The plant grows and develops in about 50 years.Decorative view of the Blue Carpet propagated only from cuttings.

Terms growing

Grow juniper best on well-lit areas, quite moist, although soil moisture and the bush are not particularly demanding.In the shadow of the crown decorative juniper lost.Watering it requires only dry summer, only 2-3 times during the summer

This plant tolerates frost and extreme temperatures, but cover it in winter the first two years still stands.It should also remove the needles have fallen away and not part of the branches that have undergone fading and freezing.The biggest threat among the diseases for juniper is "rust", and of pests - spider mites, aphids and juniper Jose scale.

use in landscape design

decorative juniper Blue Karapet ideal for creating borders, lawns and perfectly with heather and rhododendrons.Shrub perfectly complements the rocky landscape, as well as the coast of ornamental lake or park in the English style.In addition, it can serve as a decorative ornament of the alpine slides and garden paths.Juniper need to replant in the spring, not the roots deepening and spreading them on the surface and cover with a mixture of sand, peat and pine litter.

Useful properties

Along with decorative properties, juniper cypress family has a number of medicinal properties.In traditional Chinese medicine widely used essential oils and Szyszko-berries - the fruit of this perennial.Because it makes alcoholic tinctures and herbal teas, have a number of antiviral, antibacterial and insecticidal properties.Particular caution must be observed with the juice of juniper, it contains toxins and alkaloids, and in contact with exposed skin can cause burns and annoyingly act on the epidermis.

with juniper associated with many legends and superstitions.It was believed that he is able to protect from damage and cast out evil spirits.