you need
  • - A set of sanitary napkins;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - FPM tape or tow.
First turn off the water.Then pry the screwdriver handle faucet plug and pull it out.Typically, a stub is not glued, but simply inserted tight and fairly easy to remove.
Remove the plug handle faucet
Now remove the screw that secures the valve handle to the valve.
Remove the faucet handle
Remove the lock knobs tap by pulling it up.
Remove the faucet handle lock
With wrench unscrew the valve counter-clockwise.We turn over t
he widest part of the hexagon.A small hexagon is designed for disassembly of the valve does not touch him.
Unscrew the valve
When unscrew the valve and we'll get it out of the mixer, we will see something like this design, as illustrated.Inspect mixer: perhaps some parts were left inside, for example, adjusting gasket or ceramic discs.In this case, carefully remove everything out.Remove the remains of FUM tape or hemp with the valve.Rinse and clean the valve from contamination.Insert ceramic adjustment wheels into place.
Change the pad in the mixer
handy to have a set of sanitary gaskets selection of different diameters and configurations.Find the set of suitable gasket and replace the old with the new.Now we need to accurately wound on the thread of the valve fum-tape, paste the entire assembled structure of the mixer and firmly tighten with a wrench.
Change the pad in the mixer
Now make sure the valve is not leaking.Restore the water supply and check that the crane does not flow and there is no leakage at the junction valve with a mixer.Try to turn the handle to make sure the valve opens and closes properly.If all is well, put the handle and fix the faucet.