Besides the price you are willing to "lay out" for a sanitary buy and which you can define yourself, the most important aspect when choosing a toilet is its design.It determines the functionality of the device and should meet the technical characteristics of the premises.Since squat toilet suitable if necessary to ease installation.This design is also relevant to the spacious rooms, and their variety - scaffoldings - further increases the "play" installation, suitable for small rooms.The second structural type of toilet - suspended.This model is perfectly mounted on the area of ​​medium size, and do not be afraid of what falls off the toilet, as they usually bear
the weight of 400 kilograms.But if the walls of your apartment or house is not very strong and poorly kept mounting screws, it is not necessary to dwell on this model.
Modern toilets are also divided into three types of registration - horizontal, vertical and oblique.The first approach is similar to the sewer construction, it is worth to pay attention to the adaptation of the model with sewage pipe that goes to the floor, as it is not always able to come to such a situation.The second is relevant to another Soviet-built premises with an appropriate drain.And the last third is only suitable for a drain on the floor and do not usually characteristic of typical houses in Russia.
Another "the toilet" aspect - the shape of its bowl.It is of three options - a plate, hopper and visor.The first is a protruding platform, designed to minimize the appearance of the spray, but at the same time, it is considered less hygienic, as waste products may remain on the platform.The second, first and foremost, characteristic of imported models of toilets and is considered the most hygienic, but, importantly, does not prevent splashing.The third and most expensive - Visor - combines the properties of the previous two, as a small canopy, combined with a certain angle spray dampens, but provides easy flushing.
When buying toilet should also pay attention to the material of manufacture.So ware usually characteristic of a fairly inexpensive and moderately high-quality equipment, and porcelain is considered the most hygienic.In turn, the steel has a great durability, and cast most often bought for public toilets due to low cost and ease of installation.Marble toilets - the most expensive, but not the quality, rather more presentable.And the last type of material - plastic - is also very cheap and less hygienic.