For every taste and color

long since have passed times when the stores had to buy these sinks for bathrooms that were available.It is now possible to buy a round, rectangular, square or even a transparent shell.It is also the subject of plumbing can be made of different materials: from the simple to the exclusive.

When choosing a sink in a bathroom to consider various options.Of course, first of all, is to determine the size of bought shells.You need to know the total area of ​​the bathroom - a washbasin too voluminous will look ridiculous in a tiny bathroom.In addition, it is sure to be uncomfortable in a small room.

If you purchase the sink separate from the baths and other items toilet, washbasin when choosing colors, consider the overall color scheme of the room.In any case, it is desirable to
make it look organic and combined.

Caution - material

is particularly important when buying a sink to pay attention to the material from which it is made.Novelty is the glass sinks, which are in great demand because of their uniqueness and low weight.Those who opt for a glass sink, you must pay attention to the quality of the glass.Given the fragility of the material as a whole, it is better to choose a more expensive option, so money is not wasted were thrown.

for practical people perfect embodiment of a glass or porcelain sink with countertop.It is convenient and practical, because it saves space and allows you to put everything you need.Modern washtop can be both at simple, and design solutions.You can select a tabletop, which is fused to sink into one.It looks stylish.A significant advantage for such a choice would be relatively easy to care for such equipment.

In contrast, there korianovye glass shell consisting of different materials.Their advantages - the strength and the ability to not absorb dirt.

popular among buyers enjoy earthenware or porcelain sink.Recent are much higher, however, emphasize the taste of the owner.In addition, a wash basin will certainly durable.

relatively new solution is the overhead shell.They will give the bathroom originality and sophistication.Interestingly, the bill sink can be not one, but two or three together.It is convenient for a large family.

natural sinks can not be without a siphon.It can be hidden by the pedestal.This option is convenient because it hides the tubes and saves space.