bath Advantages of steel

For modern man, especially city dwellers, a bathroom for a long time is not a luxury but a necessity.And although some people in order to save space and prefer water showers, and a lot of those old-fashioned love to soak in a hot tub.

Spa differ in many ways, including the material.For example, there is a steel bath.Plus a lot of baths.Firstly, it is much stronger than cast iron and acrylic, so scratch the surface or leave a dent in it is not so easy.In addition, iron is brittle and may crack if accidentally bounce and steel is not threatened, because it is not only durable, but also plastic ("sticky").

enamel on the surface of the steel bath is applied at very high temperatures, so it adheres well and does not flake.Moreover, the wall thickness at the steel bath
is only a few millimeters, so it is relatively easy.As a consequence, the steel bath is convenient for transportation and installation.

Due to the above ductility of steel, it is easily possible to produce thin-walled hollow articles of virtually any form.Therefore, customers can buy a steel bath, which is fully in line with his wishes (of course, also depending on the size of the bathroom).

What are the disadvantages of steel baths

However, the baths of steel has its drawbacks.Perhaps the most important of these is the rapid loss of heat due to the high thermal conductivity of the material.Water cools the steel bath for a few minutes.So lovers relax and soak up, better to choose another bath.Either they will often add hot water and it reduces the pleasure from the water treatments.

addition, some manufacturers in order to save material produced steel baths with too thin walls (less than 3 mm).And such a bath can easily be deformed.Therefore, when buying it is necessary to choose a bath with thicker walls.

big disadvantage of the steel bath is that they are very noisy, ie water, dropping it even from a small height, produces strong vibration surface, accompanied by ringing.And this is fraught with the noise of conflict with its neighbors, especially if for some reason you need to take a bath at a later time.And not everyone will want the neighbors to keep abreast of its water treatment.