simple way to eliminate the blockage in the toilet

In the case where the cause of the blockage is not very serious, you will be a few buckets of boiling water.That deal was put in motion, it will be seen at once - the water begins to decrease rapidly.There is another way associated with the hot water: hard and thin rubber hose must be lowered as far as possible into the pipe, and the other end connected to the faucet.Next, turn on the hot water, if it will affect the very blockage, you may dissolve it.

There is one interesting inventions of humanity - plunger.It must be placed in the toilet pump and vigorous movements, trying thus to budge formed com.It ha
ppens that the toilet can get and a doormat or ordinary towel for the body and get stuck in the sleeve.Here, the most sensible action is to get the subject of hand, previously wearing her surgical or household gloves.

Mechanical Solution clogging the toilet

Many plumbers are pushing the blockage by using a cable or wire.But for this you need a cable strong enough that he could not break away, and flexible enough to unable to get past all the joints and pipe bends.Thus it is not enough just to push through the tube, it must also twist.Many hardware stores sell special thick wire it for these cases, which, in addition, equipped with a handle for easy torsion.You could also try to work with the mandrel, but do not rotate it worth it, as it can ruin your wall toilet.

Chemical Solution clogging the toilet

To do this is to resort to the help of modern tools designed for cleaning sewer pipes.But their use is strictly read the instructions for use and have kept their children from the scene of action of this drug.

Air Remedy blockages toilet

In the fight against clogged toilet will help ordinary household vacuum cleaner.The main thing in this method to observe safety precautions as all electrical appliances in damp room is very dangerous.Before the work you first need to remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner, the dust and other unnecessary.Next, connect the hose to the hole, which blows air, usually located on top of the unit.The other end of the hose to the lower production of the toilet, the remaining gap must be closed in rags.Most importantly, the air went directly into the sewer.In case remain unclosed gap, you risk drabble.If the obstruction is so strong that you will not be able to cope with it, then do not need to hesitate to call the plumbers, they alone will be able to disassemble the pipe and fix your problem.