To select heating, worthy of your home need to look good.Firstly, the system should be a small amount of water, since it is less than, the battery will be quickly warmed up and the less likelihood of air in them, because it comes out of the water.

Second, the smaller the heating system, the easier it is to fill it "nezamerzayku" for obvious reasons.

Third, you need to pay attention to how quickly cools the heatsink, because it has a big impact on the efficiency of heating the room.So how do you choose the heating system and the radiator?If your apartment is in a building, then the best option for you would be the radiator, providing the high pressure.Also, of course, the more panels in the radiator, the better will work.Well, according to your taste and color is the look of the system and its cost.With regard to the material from which the heatsink is not in any way affect its operation.

It is worth paying attention to the thickness of the walls, because the thinner the radiator, the faster it will heat your apartment.

If you purchase the boiler, then pay attention to the gas.For technical specifications and practical abilities he has no equal.This variant of the boiler will serve for many years without interruptions and breakdowns.

In order to heat the water at home is better to use a storage broiler.And it's better for it to be electric.Then there are no problems with the heating of large quantities of water, for example, in order to bathe.If, however, you came across a gas, then 10 times think.After all, gas is much more expensive and requires a separate drawing.Plus it is necessary to count and check.This greatly adds to bother you.

If you have purchased the boiler, then observe the rules for its storage.In no case do not leave it in a cool place.It fails to work, or whether it simply breaks down and unusable.If, however, there is no other way out of this situation, you can put the pot in a cool place, but prepare for it in advance, "clothing".Again, pay attention to the mandatory rules of fire safety.