There are two variants of toilet designs - a traditional floor and pendant.

floor design is more stable, but it is recommended to use in a large room or in a place where no other equipment is expected.

Improvement For small area appropriate to use hanging toilet, as it practically does not take place on the floor of the tank and has a special configuration, which saves space.The apparent fragility and unreliability of the hinged design is an illusion - a design is designed for loads up to 400 kilograms.


choice of the form the toilet is limited to two options - funnel-shaped bowl and a bowl with a sanitary pad.Choice principle, as we have to choose between comfort and hygiene.

sanitary pad prevents burst, but the water flow is not always completely cleans the surface and you have to take
additional measures for the care of the product.

With funnel-shaped bowl no such problems, but there is a problem surge.This problem is partially solved by choosing a particular pattern with a smoother surface.Sometimes the problem is solved by adjusting the level of the burst slug.

flushing mechanism and release water

There are two types of flushing mechanism - straight and circular.Classic and more familiar version - straight.With this flushing water is discharged from the reservoir straight stream and flushes the toilet, without changing direction.This type of flushing produces quite a strong noise effect.

Circular, or reverse, flushing takes place with the formation of a funnel of water, resulting in the toilet bowl is washed completely, it is much more effective in the same direction of flow.

second aspect that characterizes the technical properties of the toilet - the type of release of water.The exhaust system toilet and drainage characteristics must comply, but in urgent cases you can use the system adapters.

There oblique release water when the pipe outlet is directed downwards at an angle, is most often found in the apartments of the old buildings, as well as in some cottages and vertical outlet at which the discharge tube is pointing straight down.Modern apartment buildings practiced horizontal outlet, in which the tube is directed into the wall.

tank toilet

toilet tank is a tank in which the process water for flushing.

Tanks are of three types:
- monolithic design with a toilet,
- compacts - a tank attached to the toilet bowl by means of bolts,
- separate - design, interconnected pipes.

One of the main characteristics of the reservoir is the noise level.On the noise affects the type of water supply - lower supply produces less noise than the side.

Another characteristic - button flush.It is a double and a single.Dual button creates a saving mode, controlling the water flow.Some designs are equipped with Knop stop mode - when you press the water supply stops.

Material toilet

materials for making toilets, there are many.Traditional materials - a faience and porcelain.

porcelain is less porous and does not retain dirt, and its products easier to keep order.But the cost of porcelain on orders above.