believed that water can be purified from her, letting stand.However, chlorine, sand and rust - is not only dirt but which are present in water and other harmful substances: pesticides, salts of copper, zinc and lead as well as phenols and oil products.

can use only bottled water, or consider buying a purification filter for tap water.

How to choose a water filter

There are a few basic selection criteria.To choose the right water filter, you should determine what level of treatment you need.It depends on the degree of contamination of the water.Of course, to evaluate the quality of taste is impossible.Ideal - chemical analysis of water in the laboratory.Based on the

se data, you can understand which filter you need.If the water is relatively clean, is quite sufficient mechanical filtration.However, you can act at its own discretion and to purchase plant, which will provide the highest level of cleaning.

Another characteristic that must be taken into account to choose the right water filter - its performance.It depends on how many of purified water per day you need.If the number of small (up to 5 liters), enough to fit over the valve or filter pitcher.Otherwise, you'd better use a fixed filter.

How to choose a water filter: the variety of filters

filter adapter on the faucet has a small size and relatively low cost.Furthermore, the device is portable.Among the shortcomings of this filter may be noted the low productivity.Moreover, in addition to the nozzle storage capacity required to store purified water.This filter is suitable for offices and private houses.

similar characteristics has a cumulative filter pitcher.It is also compact and inexpensive.Water flooded it passes through the sorbent layer and enters the bottom of the jug in a purified form.After a certain period of operation of the filter must be changed.The maximum volume of the filter jug ​​is 1.7 liters.

filter on the sink - a stationary device.On the sink or wall mounted water purifier, which carried out the hose.When you need to dial the filtered water, put the hose on the faucet.

the highest degree of purification provides an osmotic filter.The filter is inserted into the water and placed on a separate sink faucet from which water will flow net.The setting of this filter should be handled by experts.Osmosis units has a fairly high price, however, provides a large amount of clean water at all times.