Hit Englishman Thomas Krepper, invented the first toilet in modern plumbing shop, it would be a shock on the abundance and diversity of variations on the theme of his invention.Especial popular toilet plumbing, which is not installed on the floor, and securely fastened to the concrete wall, there is all the necessary communications are cleaned and the tank, while the outside is a key water drainage.This device allows zealous family save up to 30 square centimetersSpace toilets and facilitates cleaning.

very important when deciding which toilet is better to ask the nozzle arrangement through which waste water sent to sewer pipes.Water closet with a vertical pipe, directed to the floor, smarter, than with an oblique

or horizontal, but the choice of stopping it should be considered and the type of wiring pipes and thickness mezhkvartirnyh floors of your home.

An important seems the appearance of plastic hoses for water inlet and outlet of the drain, which makes it possible not only to choose the best toilet, but place it in the right place for you.A variety of models on the market, allows you to really not give up comfort in these (if you believe the statisticians) for three years.

choice of models toilet plumbing, claiming to be the best toilet in the Russian market, is extensive, wide price range, the geography of brands is impressive.From domestic product - may not be having such a decorative qualities, but quite comfortable and accustomed to the domestic water - to the Japanese "intellectuals", which is true, you can only order the catalog, but who are able to "learn" feeling.

In between, the most widely represented Czech "two" (toilet bowls and tanks to them), historically calculated to Russian conditions, and models from other European countries.