Tip 1: How to make heating

This article is for those in whom awoke bit of enthusiasm and who has a certain amount of free time to self-install heating in the house.Yet, despite all reasonable ease this class, it is not necessary for it to undertake those in a lifetime and a hammer in his hand did not hold.

needed at least basic skills and a certain mindset.Thus, if you cit dealing only intellectual activity, it is not necessary to read this article further.

The first step is the registration and signing of documents in the right instances, in order to be allowed to carry out heating system in your home.

second stage - the creation of schematic (or just in your mind) project to install.You must install the boiler and from the count further action.Count how many rooms will be radiators.In order to make the heating system in the house of quality, do not skimp on good radiators.When installing them you must take into account that the effectiveness and appropriateness to install them under the windows, as well in the room will be

warm.The installation process is quite simple.You will need a hammer and a pair of mounting accessories.You should also calculate how many meters of pipe you need.Soldering is better to use plastic pipes, as it is characterized by greater strength and durability, and it is easy to solder, even beginners can handle it.Before practice on unnecessary brazed tubes, or can mangled a lot of wood, and have been corrected in the art.

If you have already learned how to solder, then feel free to proceed to the third stage - installation of heating.This process is more complicated than previous ones and takes more time, effort and nerves.Most importantly - do not worry and try to finish the job.You will need to trim pipe sections, cut, solder again.Once you are able to make heating system, you need to connect all parts of its system.

fourth stage - start the boiler.But this process, unlike the previous ones, will be carried out not by you, but by specialists, as they test the reliability of the design.You yourself can see certain problems.For example, when starting the need to come out air pockets.The first weeks they will stay, and so we need to be at this time to let the air bleed screw twisting.You also need to check for the presence of all the leaks.If so, these places will need to rewire.

Tip 2: How to make water heating garage

To ensure the longevity of the car stored in the garage, it is required to maintain the correct temperature.The heated room is much stronger than the moisture evaporates, so the risk of corrosion of metal substantially reduced.One of the most simple and effective ways of heating garage should recognize water heating .
How to make water heating garage
you need
  • - radiators;
  • - pot;
  • - connecting pipes;
  • - fasteners;
  • - set of handtools.
Decide for yourself whether you build hot-water heating garage or using a central heating system, existing in the house.The second option is preferred if the garage is built near the house or located underneath.
Spend from home to the place where the car is located, pipes and install it or a separate radiator heating circuit.The line on which the home of the boiler will be fed water, protect the insulation of mineral wool or polystyrene foam.If necessary, install additional pump system to pump water.
Install an autonomous boiler room, if you need to heat the garage, mounted separately from the house.The same method of water heating device applicable for equipment heating system several garages, standing next to each other.
Prepare for installation of heating radiators, boiler and connecting pipes.The operation of the water system is heat radiation and convection.The heated boiler water is circulated through the pipes, giving part of its energy to the metal radiator having a high thermal conductivity.The batteries give off heat, warming the air in the room garage .
Chart layout of the heating system and calculate the cost of its installation.Note in the planning pipe length, the number of connectors and fasteners.Consider the diagram interchange line and turns.
carry out installation of the heating boiler, the instructions provided by the manufacturer to the device.The boiler is the central element of the entire heating system, so the quality of the installation will depend on the effectiveness of other components.
attached to the wall of the garage wall plugs.Hook them radiators using disposed on the rear surface of the hooks.Position the battery at least 15 cm above the floor of the garage .
Connect together the elements of the system using plastic pipes.Use the installation pipe fitting connection.To prevent freezing of the liquid in the pipeline do not use an autonomous system water and antifreeze.
Check the heating efficiency.Pay attention to the tightness of connections.In the event of a leak perform additional sealing seats docking radiators and piping.