tanks will determine the degree of comfort and easy use of summer showers.The main role here is played by the material from which they are made.

Tanks are divided into those that are heated by sunlight, and those in which the heating element is provided.Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account the weight, size and color.

Common Criteria

weight of the container should not be too heavy.At the same time, the durability and reliability should be directly proportional to it.In addition, depending on the weight of time and effort spent on installation and setup capacity.

Its shape is also important.The most widespread are containers in the form of a round or square tank.However, the most reasonable solution would
be flat container, since it is easiest to install, even on uneven roof.

important role played by color.From how it will be depends on the water temperature, which would have to be washed.The brighter the color, the less it will be.It is worth noting that in the black water tank warms faster and more evenly.

steel or plastic

If you decide to choose steel, it is usually used carbon, galvanized and stainless.

The first type of container is good for their durability, reliability and reasonable price.However, due to the constant contact with water, such a container is subject to corrosion, due to which it was coated with enamel.

second type is made of steel sheet coated with a thin layer of zinc.Thanks to him, such containers are much longer than the previous ones.However, this layer is not endless, however it must be periodically dye.

latter type is much longer than the above mentioned items.The water in such a container will not have an unpleasant odor or color.Furthermore, it does not require anti-corrosion treatment compositions or staining.

If you decide to choose plastic, then there will be major advantages of its durability, light weight, which is important during installation, and reasonable price.The water in these tanks will warm uniformly.Furthermore, in contrast to steel, corrosion resistant plastic.

sun or electricity

Along with the usual capacity of existing tanks with heating system water.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

conventional water tanks heated by sunlight.This frees the owner from the need to monitor the process and allows him to take care of business.But in cloudy weather will take a shower except that the lovers of the cold douche.

heated tanks are good because the water in them can always be adjusted to the desired temperature.

However, these souls can not operate without electricity.Furthermore, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the tank.If it will result beyond it, the heating device can burn.