learn to understand the classification of heating appliances.According to the principle of action they are divided into two broad categories: radiators and convectors.The first heated room radiated heat from its surface.Second, as the name implies, it operates on the principle of natural convection: the air is heated in contact with the coolant and rises, and his place is taken by the cold air space - is the circulation.
Radiators are sectional, panel and tubular types.Sectional radiators - is combined into a single structure the heating elements, the amount of which directly depends on the efficiency of the battery.Most often they are made of cast iron.This cast-iron radiators are the most popular in Russia, because
they are the best option in terms of price and quality.
have panel type radiator heating element is a special panel consisting of tightly connected to metal plates, between which a heat transfer fluid.
Section tubular type batteries are not twisted and welded together.They are resistant to pressure changes, but characterized by low emissivity.At the same time they are quite expensive for the reason that are most often used as an additional source of heating and decorations.This is the kind of batteries favorite designers, as it beat the configuration and location of the room can be whatever you like.
convector devices, as already mentioned, is used to heat convection.They enjoy less demand than radiators, and most often chosen as an additional source of heating.For recessed convectors are often used for floor heating.Installing external fastening to the wall convectors carried out in areas where consolidation of traditional radiators for some reason impossible.
Choosing the type of heater, based on the architectural and technological plan of your home and the heating system.For information about these options, contact your local housing office or ECD.
Consider the dimensions of the heater.The distance from the floor to the bottom of the battery and from its top to the window sill should be about 5-10 cm.
When buying pay attention to the material from which made the battery.Massive cast iron is used only in older homes, the most versatile and the most modern variant are bimetallic radiators.They can be aluminum-steel and aluminum-copper.Immediately prior to the purchase is advisable to consult a specialist, who will talk about all the nuances.