The first step is to determine what is sold plumbing device.According to the purpose mixers are manufactured for use in the bathroom, the kitchen, the shower and, together with a washbasin.There are also hybrid models that combine the features of two or more groups.Despite the huge variety of essential "helpers", they all share a common cause: the mixing of hot and cold water pressure adjustment.Choosing a faucet, consider a number of features specific to the sanitary device operating in a particular place.

Bath mixer

Its distinctive feature - Low fixed (or rotary) spout.In the models of elite class may be present electronic control, thanks to which the use of such a device becomes comfortable.Today, you can find the following options under the bathtub faucet:

- wall;
- with hand shower;
- adjustable holder in the shower.

One of the selection criteria - especially the installation.For example, recently began circulating devices are fixed on the edge of the tub.To install each mixer gets its set of mounting accessories.If the device is not mounted on the edge of the tub, and the "Classic", then pay attention to the distance from the inner side of the bath to the wall.With a value of more than 15 cm is not advisable to buy a mixer with swivel spout - it is possible to fill the bath rim.In this case, better to buy a filter extension (approximately 3-5 cm) or an aerator having a ball joint.

faucet for the sink

The market offers devices with one or three holes.The most common first option included which is set for quick installation.Some of the models supplied with waste set, which is a separate lever on the housing, close the drain hole.Another novelty - reaching over the spout, ensuring a minimum of effort when cleaning.When purchasing a faucet for the sink, a bath is best to rely on a single source - less hassle when connecting.


the internal mechanics may be brushless ("classic"), or ball.The first is simple, reliable, easy to repair.The latter have a more elegant look, plus ball valves more convenient to use;easy to control the water pressure and temperature.However, such designs are whimsical water quality (it is desirable to put the filter) and difficult to repair.