Usually, bath serves its owners for a long time.And the quality is good and it - quite expensive.Therefore, her choice should be approached very seriously, so you do not have to regret the purchase.

main point that you should pay attention in the first place - this is the material of the bath.Its shape, additional elements, arrangement - all this should only be considered after the material is selected product.

To date, the most popular among producers and buyers are: acrylic, steel, cast iron and Kwara.There are also wooden, stone tubs, but they are quite expensive, rare and often short-lived, so they are not worth much to focus on.

Acrylic bath

Acrylic considered very durable and reliable material, so the bath made of acrylic, are in great demand a

nd are popular.This material is good in that it ensures good sound insulation.It has high resistance to chemical agents, besides acrylic baths can be easily cleaned with warm water easy.This material is also good because it guarantees the protection of the product against external damage: scratches, chips, cracks and so on. The water in these baths cools down very slowly, on average - one degree every half-hour.

acrylic baths have a relatively low weight - from 15 to 25 kg, which simplifies the installation of such models.Over time, these products do not lose their whiteness, do not fade.Besides acrylic sanitary has good antimicrobial protection.Acrylic bathtubs pretty easy to recover, much lighter than other materials from the bath.

cast iron bath

The main advantage of such a bath - its durability and reliability.A disadvantage is that the products of cast iron have a very large weight.The average severity of such a bath is approximately 120-130 kg.Therefore, it is not easy to establish.But this weight ensures high stability of the product, and thus the tile in the bathroom can be easily stick close to him, without fear that over time may form a gap between the wall and the bathroom.

By enamel cast iron bath is different whiteness and brilliance.However, it requires a very careful attitude, as recovery of any, even small lesions can be problematic.

steel bath

These baths are relatively cheap price, and externally they look no worse than cast iron or acrylic.Weight - another plus steel products.Baths of this material is very light, on average - 30-40 kg.This enables easily transport them from place to place.These baths are characterized by high strength and durability.Steel allows you to create products of various shapes.You can buy a bath is not only a standard elongated, and round, square and even.

However, there is no absolutely perfect material and steel also has its disadvantages.The water in a bath cools down very quickly, just one degree every five to ten minutes.And if you take a bath at night, the sound of water from the dials could wake the neighbors - it is so loud.

Quaryl bath

most durable and sturdy bathroom is Quaryl.On the qualities it resembles acrylic - the same reliable, with good sound insulation, high resistance to chemical cleaning agents.By weight it is a little heavier than acrylic, but is much easier to iron.Its main drawback is the lack of roundness, as Kwara - a very hard and inflexible material.