Pros glass plumbing

undoubted advantage of glass sanitary ware is its stunning, original design.If you want to draw beautiful and unusual bathroom, but you can not or do not want to decorate it with additional decorative elements, glass products solve your problem.This option is ideal for those who love stylish and functional things.

quality glass plumbing is not afraid to household chemicals, it does not tarnish and does not change its color over time, is not covered by ugly coating, which is difficult to clean, and can easily withstand temperature changes.Buying a product from a reliable manufacturer, you can be sure that it will serve you for many years and will not lose its appeal.

Glass environmentally friendly, it does not
emit harmful substances.When water is poured on it, it does not make a loud noise, as opposed to metal.In addition, this material is easy to operate, giving it any shape, which allows designers to create a truly amazing design options plumbing.

Cons glass plumbing

If you do not like to keep order in the house, you better forget about installing glass plumbing.These things are extremely demanding of care, especially if they are not made of colored or frosted glass.They are perfectly visible and spots and stains and traces of dried drops.However, if you are used to clean the surface quickly and easily, and similar chores are not particularly annoy you, the problems likely to arise.

transparent glass sinks without special countertops - the wrong choice for small bathrooms.Under such fixtures can not arrange a place to store household chemicals, rags, sponges and other things, because through the transparent material they will be perfectly clear.This means that all items have to endure in the cabinets, which, of course, will take place in the room.For the bath medium or large size of this negative will not have much value.

high price sanitary ware glass - another major drawback.Of course, you can buy an inexpensive thing, but it should be understood that it may be of poor quality.Insufficient strength glass made of "cheap" technology and a high level of protection, can be very dangerous.Made of a plumber may simply be broken, and it will result in the best expenditure of money, and at worst - health problems.