you need
  • - ceramic brick kiln;
  • - clay solution;
  • - asbestos board;
  • - construction tools;
  • - steel corner.
Create a support surface (base) for brick walls - if it is necessary.Depending on the size of the weight of the metal furnace brickwork can be up to half a ton.Before you start lining the furnace, make sure that the floor in the zone of the furnace is strong enough to withstand such weight.If there is doubt, install additional support under the load-bearing floor joists or arrange a separat
e foundation for masonry - columnar or solid.
Mark the spot on the floor laying bricks so that the inner surface of the brick wall was at a distance of 1-10 cm from the oven components.Small gap contributes to more rapid heating of the bricks, but increases to very high values ​​of the temperature of the furnace, reducing its service life.Big gap improves the working conditions of the furnace, but slows down the accumulation of heat brickwork.Usually doing a gap in the range of 2-5 cm.
If the zone of the furnace floor - wood, came to him a thin metal sheet, the edges of which should be marked up with the stock seat cover.On top lay a sheet asbestos board thickness of 5-10 mm.In the case of concrete floor steel sheet and asbestos board do not fit.
Knead the clay for masonry mortar.It should not be too skinny or fat.Ring diameter of about 5 cm of expanded clay rolled cord should crack but not break up into fragments.
Lay the first row in a half-brick masonry thickness, leaving three sides by two vents a width of a half-brick.The fourth wall, placed in front of the oven door, you must leave an opening the size of which should allow easily serve oven .Top opening lay two metal brackets - as a support for the upper rows of bricks.It is also possible to hang it on the door, but it is a matter of aesthetics rather than necessity.
Display height brick walls to the level of the heater.Please note that the clearance between the stove and brick walls was sufficient to provide good ventilation.If this gap is structurally impossible to provide, arrange in the upper ranks of the wall outlet vents - similar inlet, arranged in the lower row.