you need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - tin;
  • - Rosin;
  • - RCA (actually, tulip);
  • - cable;
  • - Knife (lighters, matches).
Prepare the cable for soldering.Remove the insulation layer without damaging the cable.If he is stranded, try not to tear or cut the wires.Clean There are two most common ways.Take a knife or blade and carry on the wire insulation.Gently pull the cut edge and peel off the insulation without damaging the live parts.If you is not, then set fire to a cigarette lighter or matches the section of cable that needs to be cleaned and remove the insulation after softening its material resistant to burning.
Take a soldering iron and have it ready f
or use, pre-stripping the tip.For this file can be used, and in some cases at the bottom edge of the ceramic ware, if nothing is not at hand.Heat the edge of the wire in the rosin.Next, apply a cable soldering tin.This process is called tinning.Communication, both video and audio will be much higher quality.
Cut off the excess end of the wire to be enough for the soldering to the RCA.To clarify attach to the end of the video tulip.
Prepare yourself tip RCA.Very carefully remove the insulation, which is put on it.And wipe the dust and degrease.
Apply a little rosin soldering iron and solder wire tin to the inner groove of the video.