Using Reverse sewer valve

This device is a device that allows wastewater to pass only in the direction of the sewer system.With the possible change in direction of sewage special valve automatically shuts zatvorku.The latest models of this device is mainly made of plastic, but you can still find copies of the flange made of metal.There are two types of shut-off valves.Generally designed to prevent the backflow of fluid and can be installed either separately for each point of the plumbing, or one to all the outputs of the sewer.Depending on the amount of wastewater is chosen valve capacity, more powerful version is set for washing machine and dishwasher.

Rarely used a different type of valv
e - fans.This device is intended only for toilets, and its installation is performed directly into the sewer.Fan valve for drains in which inclusions are present, reaching a rate of 10 cm or more. This is how it differs from a conventional device capable of withstanding only liquid flow.If there kontruklona sewer installation of this equipment is a necessity.This prevents not only the flooding of fecal matter, but does not give an unpleasant smell get into the house.

device back sewer valve

-return valve for the water drain is quite simple.It consists of a chamber which is connected to two pipes, one of which is for receiving, and the second - liquid discharge.At the center of the chamber is filled with air ball.When you try to rise above the water flow level position, the ball rests on the membrane, and she, in turn, covers access to the interior of the liquid chamber.Fans valve arranged somewhat different principle.If such a device is installed at the downstream sewer toilet, then after the water in the reservoir goes down, it opens the flap, on the other hand held by a stainless steel spring.This arrangement makes it impossible to reverse a dirty media.

Typically, the installation of these devices makes the replacement of sewer, but if necessary can be disassembled pipe joint in the right place.Buying a check valve, you must specify in advance the pipe diameter, so as not to face the need to purchase an additional adapter with the mismatch.