sure to note, boiler must be from the walls and wooden structures at a distance of 30-40 centimeters.If there is any protection, the distance can be reduced.For construction of the boiler is best used red bricks whose dimensions are typically 250 x 120 x 65 millimeters.Brick must have the correct shape.The height and length of all the bricks have to be the same.Also pay attention to the edges and corners.They should be straight.
Particular attention should be paid to the seams between the bricks.The suture should not be thicker than 5 millimeters.Check those parts of the boiler, where the proportion of used bricks.If masonry is often necessary to deal with a decrease in the size of a brick, or change shape.For this purpose, chop take his otesyvan
iem using pickaxes.The pieces should be well-hewn.This is done in order not to get too thick seam.Lay bricks necessarily share hewn part of the inside of masonry.
composed of separate bricks boiler should eventually be a single array.Do not forget for dressing sutures.The load that will act on each brick will be reallocated to two, three, etc.underlying brick.This will offset the lowest possible masonry.Such boiler be durable.
Do not forget about appliances.For there is no destruction of masonry, do not install close the loading door.The gap should be greater than 5 millimeters.Also, do not make it too big, as will be the destruction of a large Termination seam.
Note the temperature at the outlet of the tube over 200 ° C, which is why the roof is always a high-risk fire.The height of the pipe relative to the roof must be more than 80 centimeters.At the mouth of the pipe, set the spark arrester.It consists of a metal grid, which has a cell size of about 5 millimeters.