Cleaning doors

shower doors are made of transparent plastic or glass.Water leaves the same on the trace and the other end.Warn their appearance can be wiped dry each time the door after taking a shower.However, there is hardly a family in which all members of the household would gladly accept such conditions, so it is better to stock up on all the necessary facilities for cleaning.

main problem in showers are water stains and formed with time limescale.To eliminate small divorces can use microfiber cloth.Proper care of the shower involves the rejection of the scrubbing and other rough tools, and scouring powders and abrasive products.

To get rid of a more stable plaque potent means should be used.There are a number of professional tools for the care of the doors showers.It sprays and special pasta.

improvised, you can use vinegar or citric acid - they need to be diluted with water to form a weak solution.If you attempt to clean the stable formation of lime have to wait some time after application of funds, and then use the special scraper made of rubber.

Clean shower mold is made by means of special funds.However, this problem can be prevented by leaving the door open after each taking a shower to dry cabin.

Care tray with acrylic surface

cleaning the shower tray with acrylic is made by means of liquid detergents.Stubborn stains can be removed with toothpaste, gently wiping it with a soft cloth in the stain or sponge.

After cleaning the surface should be rinsed thoroughly under running water sump residues from cleaning and desirable to wipe the pan dry.Acrylic surfaces is not recommended to use products containing alcohol, ammonia, acids.

clean metal tray and components

Some showers are equipped with a metal tray.Means to care for them should also be soft, not containing abrasive particles.Otherwise, it can spoil the look of the tray and the chrome shower.

Metal pallets are more prone to formation of lime deposits than acrylic, but in this case will also help special agent or a solution of citric acid.