Besides the usual lack of water already in the summer, sometimes we are presented such "surprises" as preventive maintenance, weak or insufficient pressure hot water temperature.This can be a real problem, especially in apartments where there are small children.In such circumstances, its own water heater can be very useful.It is important to choose the right water heater - electric or gas.

How to choose a water heater: varieties device

In our country the most famous views of the water heater is gas water heater, ie gas flow-through water heater.Such devices are installed in Soviet times, but the old gas water heaters, of course, very different from the current models.Such devices are safe to use: if the burner goes out, the gas supply stops immediately.This water heater is equipped with automatic ignition system and provides the constant presence of water,

regardless of pressure fluctuations.Gas heater has a big advantage over electric - it is much more economical than in the rest of their consumer properties are virtually identical.Gas water heaters vary in power.

How to choose a water heater electric type

Electric water heaters are flowing and memory.First of all, we must determine what type of device is more suitable for you.

Storage electric appliances heated water to a certain temperature (55-75 ° C) and then maintained this level.The water is heated gradually, so do not require a large electric power.Small power consumption is the main reason for the popularity of such devices.However, they have some disadvantages: large dimensions and the need for maintenance.The water heater must be replaced periodically magnesium anode and cleaned of scale heating elements.In addition, please note that the tank water heater holds a certain amount of water (from 10 to 500 liters).To choose the right water heater of this type, you need to determine how much water you spend in one day.

Electric instantaneous water heaters directly heat the water with the help of high-power heating element.Such devices require much more power, but it can produce a lot of hot water.In addition, electrical flow devices do not require regular maintenance.It is worth noting that they do not give out the hot water and warm.To use this device requires a separate power supply cable from the electrical panel to the unit, by virtue of their power consumption.