you need
  • - earth mixture;
  • - pots or pot;
  • - water;
  • - fertilizer.
set a date for sowing.
It depends on when you plan to get blooming seedling.If you want to get petunias bloom in early summer, the seeds are sown in the second half of March.Sow petunia in early February, when flowering occurs in early May.
Prepare soil mixture.
petunia To grow good quality, nutrient use, friable soil mix that holds moisture well.Take 2 pieces of decomposed humus, peat, leaf or sod land and 1 part sand.To optimize the parameters of the soil, add perlite to the mixture and the hydrogel.Stir the mixture and sift it first through a large sieve and then through a fine.Close screenings sprinkle the bottom of the pot, and small
- the top third.Sprinkle the soil mixture so that the edge of the pot was 2-3 cm. Tamped it.One day before the seeding, land spill any solution of fungicide.
Decide grade petunias.
most demanded by growers petunias hang-downing a group, as they are most effectively look at planting in vases, balconies and windows boxes.For beds, select a group of upright petunias.
the seeds.
Scatter over the surface of the prepared soil the seeds (you can use a method snegovaniya) and drizzle with warm water from a spray bottle, but do not fill.Then cover the seeds with soil to 1.5 mm.The capacity of the glass cover and keep in a warm place.Daily pre-emergence spray the soil warm solution of potassium permanganate.
Care of seedlings petunias.
After emergence, after a week of Feed the solution of mineral fertilizers.When poor growing seedlings growth stimulant use (2-3 times).Spruce seedlings sick, limit watering and possible Seat the seedlings.
A pick seedlings.
With the advent of 1-2 true leaf, seedlings of petunia seedlings one in containers or pots for seedlings.Raspikirovat pour seedlings and cover paper for a few days.
landing petunias in pots or open ground.
grown seedlings will land in the second half of May, when there will be no spring frosts.
To achieve lush growth and abundant flowering petunias, watering frequently and spend daily spraying with water.Do not forget to feed the petunia once a week.