you need
  • - return valve;
  • - silicone sealant.
The principle of non-return valve of different versions about the same.Do any of these devices, there are two connections: a receiving and producing.Inside the device is installed a ball filled with air.If the wastewater in the sewer system begin to rise, the ball presses on the diaphragm, and it will block access to the fluid chamber.
Typically, this device is made of plastic and has a very simple method of installation.If a check valve is installed when replacing the entire sewer system, it is mounted at the junction of two pipes.If there is already existing sewage sy
stems will have to crash into it, that is to disassemble the pipe in place of the proposed installation.When buying a valve must be traced to its diameter perfectly matches the size of the pipe.Otherwise you will have to spend extra money to purchase an adapter.
purchasing valve, inspect it carefully.It is designed to be tough, durable and made of a sufficiently thick material.It is necessary to check how easy to open the lid and turn the knob of the valve, and to find out the presence of the seller of automatic and manual adjustment devices.
Before setting in operation of the valve must be tested in order to identify faults.To do this, you need to lower the shutter manually and outlet pour a small amount of water.In the absence of a large leak can be carried out final assembly of the device.If you found a violation of integrity of the device, you have to repair the valve or membrane or exchange defective valve to the place of purchase.
installation location should be selected so as to provide easy access to the valve in case of regular maintenance (at least 1 time per year) or the appearance of a fault in the system.Before starting the installation, be sure to block the entrance of water and warn neighbors about the inability to use the sewage system for a short time.
Location valve during installation must be strictly horizontal.Arrow on the body necessarily directed toward the water flow, ie indicates the riser or collector.The process of installation of the device is to connect the two holes at the ends with the sewage pipes.Rubber gaskets provide a complete sealing of this contact.For greater certainty, you can use silicone sealant.
If the verification test of the device has the presence of background noise, it could mean damage to the valve or the presence of foreign debris in the valve.In this case, you need to clean the device or replace it flap.