purchasing a toilet, is not worth it to think, what way will drain into the sewer system of your home.Whether it's a standard edition of the diagonal into the wall, or vertical outlet in the floor can help a variety of adapters made of plastic that can be bent under a variety of angles.When buying toilet, one of the most reliable ways to test the product on marriage remains national method, when the ceramic product knock coin.Make sounds should be clear and ringing.

Previously, to prevent splash of water in the toilet bowl, the producers made the so-called trampoline with a slight indentation.The disadvantage of this production was to accumulate in deepening the water jump, the edges of which inevitably appeared rusty rim, which is always to remove difficult to achieve.In modern

models are different options for preventing surge in so-called shelves.They do not accumulate water, and therefore no rust stains.

Manufacturers toilets in our time has leaped ahead of the counterparts of the Soviet era, and although at times the quality of work is poor, though you can choose pottery.For example, the Czech toilets, much more attractive, as these manufacturers try to make your product according to the latest fashion trends.That is their toilets always have a push-plums, and a variety of shapes and colors nice surprise.From small and compact, and up to high volume production.

Ceramics products checked, the surface heating to a high temperature, and then quenched with water, and only one toilet which was such a test, is available for sale.Work units cistern is designed for decades of work, and yet to extend the service life, commissioned by the buyer can build water filters from impurities.There is also a toilet with a controlled amount of water draining.Typically, these toilets have two buttons on the cistern.If the average when draining takes up to 6 liters of water, then there is a cost-effective option, in which it takes up to 3 liters.It is only necessary to change the water in the bowl.The buyer will always be able to choose the toilet is the one that will be suitable only for its bathroom or toilet.