to refurbish the old coating bath, there are several ways.One is to insert a special insert made of acrylic.This operation can be entrusted to perform skilled or take up the case on their own, if you have the appropriate skills.

Where to begin restoration of the baths

to choose the right bath box of acrylic, first we must define the type of bath.To do this, you can call a specialist, so he made the measurements.Some companies offer the ability to perform measurements on their own with the help of telephone consultation.Type of bath manager can identify two or three parameters provided by the customer, because the conditions of production is produced not so much standard typ
es of baths.If your bathroom has been made on special order, a good company will offer another option.

acrylic insert can be set independently.When you take him home, prepare a bath for use.Free bath rim of unnecessary items.To firmly establish the bath insert, it should first try.To do this, it is inserted into an old bath and check how tight fit.If between the blade and the acrylic surface of the bath is obtained clearance, it must be filled with a special foam bath.

necessary to cut off the water to install overflow and the inside of the liner.If the size of the bath and the insert is fully consistent with each other, the installation is very simple.It is necessary to lubricate the both surfaces of the sealant, and then press them tightly together.Sealant should be well lubricated with grease the thread area and the overflow drain.

Fit liner bath

If the insert does not quite match the size, it is necessary to perform a fit using the foam.For this purpose the required amount of foam is applied in place of the gaps, after which the product is placed in an acrylic old tub and presses the bead area manually.This operation is necessary to carry out no later than five minutes after application of the foam.After that it is necessary to get into the bath feet after removing the shoes, and the first thing to pin down the acrylic in the drain.Further neatly and gently presses the bottom web, the moving direction from the drain to the opposite side of the bath.You can carry out knees and elbows soft crushing walls of acrylic liner.

After installation drain and overflow must close the drain plug and fill the bathtub with water.Its level should be a little bit to keep up with the overflow hole - about two centimeters.The water was cold dial.Bath should stay filled with about six hours, after which the water is drained.You can start to use the bathroom about a day.