For reliable protection against burglary choose forged lattice, they are considered the most reliable.Welded version of metal rods - efficient, but less robust.Do not forget that the lattice would be part of the facade of the house, the appearance of which benefit from very fine metallic lace or precise geometric patterns.
Decide profile metal.The most resistant to deformation considered from the lattice round rod or a square.Products from the metal strip are less reliable, but it is cheap.If the lace of a thick rod can be easy and rare, that in order to achieve the same level of strength of the thin strip producers will have to create a dense fabric with frequent connections.
Take care of security of households, it is best to book open lattice
.They are difficult to install and protection (if you put a house on an alarm), ultimately more expensive, but in the case of a fire or emergency situation will be able to escape through a window.
Depending on the project at home, choose a fixed, hinged, sliding or removable grid.Fixed rigidly attached to the walls of the house, swinging open like normal windows.On the swing set a special locking device that can be opened only from the building by a lever on the wall or under a window sill.Sliding grille built into the window opening or made from mobile, riveted crosswise strips.Removable grating secured with conventional bolts, they are not too reliable from thieves, but from a football defend well.
When ordering just ask coated metal.The most simple and inexpensive - priming enamel.Corrosion-resistant and resistant to atmospheric phenomena such as agents' Hammerayt "," pentanes-amor "," Korroed "will cost a bit more expensive.The most reliable and durable powder coating is considered.
If the order finished flaps, check the quality of the welding on the surface should not be a scale and burrs.Very often these problems occur in manual welding.Forging can also be fragile, suspicion must call weld spatter, nezaglushennye ends, sloppy seams.If this product is also painted without priming, then after a few months you will notice the first spots of rust.It is best to order in the lattice proven reliable company - depends on the security of your property and the household, as well as the aesthetics of the house.