towel types and their characteristics

On the market there are three types of towel.This flow or water, electrical and combined.Water flow or towel when setting cut into the existing pipe with hot water and become part obschedomovoy hot water system.Electric towel warmers are sealed metal tubes filled with coolant: oil, antifreeze or plain water.They do not depend on the location of the pipes with hot water, or the availability of hot water in the system - they can be installed in any convenient location bathroom where it is possible to connect to the power outlet.Combined towel, as well as flow, set in
hot water, but they have a built-in heater that allows them to connect to the network while off the hot water.

Which towel rail select

If you face a choice of which to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom, electric or water, should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each, and these devices.

more cost-effective to operate, of course, is the flow heated towel rail - its operation will not cost you any extra penny.But when choosing such a device should take into account that the standard diameter of the hot-water pipe, installed in the apartment of Russians, does not always coincide with the diameters which offer foreign manufacturers.In addition, the quality of the water circulating in the Russian systems of water supply is poor, so popular in the West, brass towel in Russia is very easily damaged.

most reliable water heated towel rails are the ones that are made in Russia in stainless steel.Their aesthetic and technical specifications are not inferior to imported and the reliability and durability even higher, since they are adapted to local conditions.More expensive are the towel with a polished or chrome rather than painted metal surface.

If you do not want to depend on the heating season, you can purchase electric towel with regard to the size and design of your bathroom.For rooms with high humidity, which include bathroom, have to lay electric cables in the wall and install a hidden outlet.In order not to spend the extra money, you can purchase a device equipped with a special sensor that allows you to adjust and constantly maintain a uniform temperature level of 30 to 70 ° C.This will allow to achieve the desired temperature automatically disconnect from the electrical towel dryer.