Where and how to use handrails

are two types of handrails: requiring permanent fixtures and movable.Thanks to the rail people with problems of the musculoskeletal system can independently enjoy the benefits of civilization.

Distinguish following types of handrails:
- folding handrails that can fold and unfold, saving space;
- plastic rails with corrugated cover;
- vacuum handrails, which can be set by pressing the button;
- supporting handrails made of metal pipes /

materials and form handrails

If the public and medical institutions of the guard rail is a concern of the state, in the house where live the elderly or people with disabilities, this should take care of the home owner.If on the bathroom floor tile is installed by sliding, the handrai
l may need security for all family members, without exception.Modern manufacturers of arms and handrails for the toilet, bathroom or other rooms used for the manufacture of raw materials and increased durability.Products have high reliability and durability.These materials meet the requirements of hygiene are stainless steel, corrugated plastic or brass.Products even under constant contact with water, do not change their properties.

avoid slipping on the surface of the articles coated chromium or other materials.The form of the handrail is selected depending on the physiological characteristics of users: right-handed or left-handed.

So, the choice is made, but how to install the rails?To install handrails to the supporting structure can buy wall mounted.In some cases, a more reliable fixing the additional brackets.Installation of bathroom accessories can be a two-point.Many homeowners prefer to install several handrails at different heights, for all family members.
The most popular model is the rectangular version of the handrail.We also offer models with curved handles, which is very convenient to operate from any location.

deserve special attention combined handrails.In addition to the handle, they can be fitted with a shelf, soap dish and other useful accessories.

recently appeared on the sanitary market for bathroom accessories, have become indispensable helpers, especially for people with health problems.