Externally, aluminum and bimetal radiators are almost indistinguishable.The main differences lie in their design and performance.When choosing radiators need to consider the conditions under which they will operate.

Aluminium radiators

aluminum radiators attracts appearance and relatively low price.Due to the material from which they are made, such batteries are lightweight and high heat transfer.Due to the design of the heat transfer section is carried out not only by radiation but also by means of convection.

However, aluminum radiators characterized by serious shortcomings.The main problem - the lack of strength of the material.Operating pressure in the heating system usually ranges between 10-15 atmospheres, but crimping may reach 30 and more.

Most aluminum radiators can withstand no more than 15 atmospheres.If you are considering the purchase of heaters of this type, be sure to find the maximum value of the working and test pressure in your home.To do this, you can contact the management company.

Another problem aluminum panels - the tendency to corrosion.Water used as a coolant, usually of poor quality, heavily polluted and contains alkali.From the impact of such water is gradually degraded aluminum, which can lead to impulse.

Another danger - electrochemical corrosion that occurs by direct contact of aluminum, copper compounds and the electrolyte, which acts as technical water in the pipes.Destructive processes are very fast and lead to disastrous consequences.This can be avoided by using brass or bronze fittings.

optimal use of aluminum radiators - heating private houses.System pressure cottage typically less than two atmospheres.In addition, it is possible to monitor the quality of the coolant.

Bimetallic radiators

outer housing of the instrument is made of aluminum.The internal channels through which the coolant flows, are steel tubes.Due to this, the radiators are able to withstand very high pressure - up to 60 atmospheres.This allows their use in high-rise buildings without fear of breaking sections.Not afraid of him and corrosion.

Bimetallic radiators, compact, lightweight and fast heat.They are well suited for use in Russian conditions.Unfortunately, these heaters are significantly more expensive aluminum.However, this is offset by high reliability and long life.

Have bimetallic radiators and a significant drawback.The cross section of the internal channel such batteries small.There is nothing wrong if you install no more than ten sections.If they will be more extreme segments will remain cold.To avoid this problem using the diagonal wiring.