protection from dangerous individuals and hooligans

Naturally, in an apartment house and in the presence of the intercom is quite difficult to see to it that some thugs and crooks have not penetrated to you.The reasons are many.Among them is an infinite trust of residents, opening the door to all those who ask, inattention owners etc.And yet, it enters your home suspicious people become a little more complicated.

There is another problem in apartment buildings.Often teenagers gather in the doorways.In most cases, they behave quite adequately.But there are among them, and bullies.The downside of such gatherings is often the noise in the porch at night and heaps of rubbish left here and there.And, not to dwell on the "garbage dump" before the next bathing entrance coming cleaners, accounted for the night "party-goe
rs" constantly clean.And with intercom and active control of tenants such gatherings have become a rarity.With the intercom at the entrance relatively clean.At night you hear a ticking clock, and even breathing of sleeping residents.

homeless cats and dogs - no!

Another scourge of tenants of apartment buildings is the invasion of stray cats and dogs.They just marking territory in the entrance of your home, then continually return to a favorite place to make your small business, but at the same time to lie down to rest.This is especially true for the winter time, when it's cold and pop the thermometer shows minus thirty and below.Yes, terribly sorry for these animals.However, it should open the door to the staircase, in the nose hits the smell is that it seems as if the earth disappeared oxygen.Intercom and also partially solves this problem.For the same, to get to the entrance, the animals have to manage to crawl under your feet passing tenants or their guests.And believe me, it is not always possible.Accordingly, in the entrance less unpleasant odors often remain after these intruders.

follows from the above that the intercom system in apartment buildings is quite a useful thing to create for all the undesirable additional barrier to your cozy hearth.And the neighbors begin to communicate more, as often have to ask them to open the door in a situation where you run out of the house for a moment, and the keys to a forgotten grab.

However, the presence of the intercom is not an absolute remedy for all the unwanted.There is always the human factor.