Design and function

peat toilet Externally similar to conventional toilet.The design includes a pair of tanks: the lower storage tank waste and the top - to the peat.The first container (cumulative) is located directly under the seat and can be pulled out like a container, which amounts to 44-140 liters (more likely to buy the product in 110-140 liters, enough for 4 people).Some models have a storage tank with valves (open only when you use the toilet) and with filters, drain to remove liquid waste.The second container is a container for a mixture of peat, which falls out in the lower container during rotation of the special handle.

Peat toilet necessarily supplied with hood - a pipe with a minimum height of 4 m, installed without twists and turns.Its diameter is 40 mm when the toilet is
not used more than 20 times per day.If you need additional 20-60 visits a pipe of 100 mm, if the toilet is visited by more than 60 times per day, the pipe diameter of 100 mm is necessary to install an electric fan.

After entering waste products into the storage tank is necessary to turn the handle a few times, so that waste is sprinkled a layer of peat.Number of peat mixture determined by the number of turns of the handle.The role of powder - a special composition of the peat with microorganisms that contribute to the decomposition of waste (ordinary peat will not work) and their transformation into environmentally safe compost (after 2 years).No smell extractor guarantees.Liquid waste is also absorbed a mixture of peat and absorbed.With the active use of peat toilets need drainage, is a pipe or hose, coming out onto the street.When filling the toilet need to push the lower container and empty it into a compost pit.The frequency of this procedure depends on the number of "users" and the volume of the storage tank.

Pros and cons

main advantage - a sufficiently high level of comfort, compactness and ability to install both indoors and outside.Peat toilet, compared with other options of similar cottage "units" can be quite rare to empty, and the resulting waste in a year or two to use as a complete fertilizer.However, this does not withstand freezing temperatures and requires a good arrangement drawing, and in some cases, and drainage.The cost of the toilet may differ quite strongly from 5-6 thousand to several hundred dollars.