First we need to determine the dimensions of the future cars.Small washing machines are more expensive, so if there are no problems with space, it is not necessary to pay extra money for compactness.
Based on the size, you must choose how to download linen: vertical or horizontal.The greatest demand is for machines with horizontal loading, but it is not so important.
choosing a brand of washing machine, trust has a proven brand, with experience in the global market.However, keep in mind that the famous brand, the more expensive it will cost, in comparison with the same technical indicators, but less well-known manufacturer.It is necessary to find a balance, that is to choose something in between - this is the best option.
Specifications - certainly the main crit
erion by which you need to choose a washing machine, but when buying pay attention to the appearance, the convenience of its use, the color and design.
visited several shops, choose for themselves some of the most vending models, compare their technical specifications, brands, the warranty period of service, delivery, installation (if necessary).
Do not rush immediately to start buying, read reviews on the internet about this model, please consult other stores, check whether it is suitable for you to size and fit in any interior.
better to get the washing machine in retail stores, even in them, it will cost a bit more expensive, but you will be sure that you buy a really quality product that will last for many years without causing trouble and problems.
Be vigilant, do not believe the sellers of cheap shops, the washing machine, which costs half the price, the quality is the same, it is not easy to wind the price.In most cases, you are trying to sell low-quality goods.It is better to check the information several times, than to give half the cost of repair.Be careful, good shopping!