Remedies apartments:
Install the front metal door with a reinforced frame and robust security lock.
Perform installation of window guards.Many thieves, burglar, have special adaptations for climbing.He climbed to the roof, using a rope down to the desired window, crack the window and enter the home.The presence of metal grilles on the windows reduce the efforts of hackers to almost zero.
Equip apartment alarm.When unauthorized entry into the apartment, the device will work.The signal will go to the Department of private security or private security company (all depends on the person with whom you entered into an agreement).Operational staff will not allow the visit to take place c
Organize shift duty at the entrance or hire a porter.
leaving the apartment, close the balcony doors, windows and vents.If possible, leave the radio on.Need to find a station where there is more talk than sing.Thieves in these situations are cautious and do not climb into the apartment, from which you can hear voices.
should insure your apartment.Insurance will not be able to protect the home from burglary and theft of property, but eventually will return part of the money.The insurance company, after analyzing what happened indemnify.
talk less about the financial well-being among unfamiliar people.For information about what you are wealthy man may reach the thief from a variety of sources.From you, your family members, friends, colleagues, etc.In this case, silence - gold.
By following these tips, you can protect your apartment from looting.Going on vacation, you can be sure that the return will be a pleasant one.