The composition of any effective alarm system must include technical tools to help in time to detect unauthorized entry into a building, an apartment house.The majority of systems are integrated into the engineering infrastructure, the system alerts (mobile, wired connection).Alarm signaling can be classified according to various criteria, one of which is a method of transmitting a signal.

Wired security systems

First, wired security systems has a relatively low cost.Therefore, they often use the temporary absence - for example, away on vacation, a business trip or in the absence of the country in winter.Installation of the system can be carried out in two ways: purchase of necessary equipment and its self-installation or lease of technical equipment with specialists
during installation.

If you choose the latter option, the installation of security equipment takes a maximum of one day.We have a couple of wired equipment main disadvantages - if poor quality telephone cable signal may be transmitted with a delay.The second drawback - the ability to detect the cable and its intentional damage.

However, the positive aspects of greater:
- signal transmitted on good cable has a great rate and the best quality (compared with wireless systems);
- the system is powered by a common power grid, so there is no need to replace batteries;
- when a power failure in a job come batteries, continuous operation time reaches 10 days;
- have the opportunity to send messages about the disappearance of the supply voltage at a pre-defined number.
When you cease to be in need of protection, experts quickly dismantle all the equipment.

Wireless systems

main requirement to wireless systems - range, plus the length of battery life.Modern detection device is provided with an indicator starts to blink when the battery discharge up to 70% and continuously burning in the discharge of up to 5%.Communication with the controller can be implemented by a mobile operator or a fixed telephone network.

Wireless Electronic guard has several advantages:
- the ability to change the location of the sensors;
- the link between the sensors can be determined by a signal from the central unit;
- choice of communication channels (radio, optics, cable) or their combination, duplication.
The average range of security sensors - 100 m, the average time of continuous operation of the battery - for six months.

Among the shortcomings of a wireless system experts note the need to pay traffic dependence of reliable data on the quality of the network GSM, the vulnerability in the presence of interference.However, the main drawback - the high cost of both the devices and their installation, maintenance.