Choose doors in large companies.
Whatever the merits of the door to you either painted advertising agents, which have shown any pictures, before agreeing to purchase, it is better to see it "live".Ieassess the reliability of loops, locks work, choose the appropriate finish to your taste, but it can be done only in the exhibition hall, where most of the range.By the way it is possible to judge the scale and solidity of the trading organization.
Check documents to doors, confirming their quality.
solid and reliable manufacturers that road reputation, necessarily take care of the confirmation of the quality of its products.While the front doors and are not subject to mandatory certification,
reliable "players" in this market, operating more than a year, have the document.For many eloquent advertising agents on the quality of the products speak different diplomas and awards.
Pay attention to the quality of the canvas.
If you are not Italian mafia, you will not need the massive steel doors.But too thin material is not suitable.The greatest preference is given to the front door, in which the thickness of the outer steel sheet is 2-4 mm.Qualitative door leaf should be strong, beautiful, reliable and provides excellent noise and heat insulation.Besides it must be equipped with an eye viewing angle of at least 120 degrees.
Learn how locks installed on the door.Reliable model should have at least two different types of locks.The bigger the castle has a secret, the harder it open.And if the door lock lever installed at the same time and, for example, a pin-type, this will make it more reliable in the fight against all kinds of intruders.