you need
  • - vinegar;
  • - boiling;
  • - cleaner bowls, plates, toilet seats;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - wrench.
All crane s have several varieties and can be spherical, clamping, and the coupling disc.Ball valve has a circular ring, planting screw and round cover located under the disc.
To clean the ball valve , remove key screws with handle, loosen the adjustment ring completely remove all otkruchennye parts: Copier, ball, O-ring.Dissolve in two liters of water 3 tablespoons vinegar 70%, the water must be very hot.Put it all removed parts crane and for 40-50 minutes.Then rinse under running water and collect valve in reverse order.All accumulated in crane ie foreign particles easily washed away, and the problem wit
h the flow, or totally eliminated Hood.
to clean the pinch valve and remove the screwdriver handle, remove the cap and the reinforcing sleeve and rod.Place the dismantled parts in hot water with vinegar for 40-50 minutes, rinse with running water and assemble in reverse order.
Disc crane disassembled by removing the index cap with a screwdriver, then unscrew the screw and remove the handle.At least remove the cover on the body, remove the screws and the cartridge.Put all the pieces in water and vinegar, after 40-50 minutes, rinse and reassemble valve in the reverse order.
Coupling crane can be washed in the same manner after removing all the parts.Remove the index caps, remove the screw, lift the lever and remove the handle.With housing, remove the lock nut, remove the locking bracket and the cartridge.Soak all parts in vinegar, rinse, assemble in the reverse order.
Rapid cleaning of all parts of any valve and can be made using funds intended for quick cleaning of the cooker, sinks and toilets, which are sold with a sprayer.For cleaning just carefully sprinkle all disassembled parts in the specified time on the packaging, rinse with water and collect crane .