you need
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - pliers;
  • - a new gasket.
Shut off the water before starting work.Remove from mixer plastic handle to remove the plastic cover that and unscrew the locking screw.It is now possible to get to the thread of the valve crowns.In the guide section may be square, but there are also rails with a notch.They have the property of "take a strong liking" and remove the plastic part is sometimes difficult.In this case, you can use force, but do not overdo it, otherwise you may damage the part.
crown Remove the valve.You will need assistance of a movable, or gas, or open-end wrench.Using pliers crown will come unscrewed with an effort, moreover, from the pliers are jagged.As a result, it should remain structure which completes a gask
et of rubber or plastic.It is attached with a washer and a nut or a pin, at the end of which there are slight thickening.Now remove the old gasket.
Replace the old gasket new one.It must be purchased at the store or cut yourself out of a suitable material.This can be a camera on wheels, shoe soles of old or other wear-resistant rubber material.Measure the desired circle cut from the workpiece material for gaskets.At the center of the circle it is necessary to cut a hole.Laying should get a smooth - it is necessary to use fine sandpaper.Treat notch u get the details.
Place the gasket in place of the old, which is the crown.Secure it with the screws.Put back the crown and tighten until it stops.Replace the handle.Gently turn on the water and check the operation of the mixer with a new seal.