you need
  • - sink (sink);
  • - supply tubes 15 mm in diameter;
  • - sewer pipe diameter of 50 mm.
First of all, make a relocation project.Be sure to consider the draft that removing the sink from the sewer riser, you have to pick it up for the normal discharge of water.The difference in height must be at least 3-5%, which is 3-5 cm by 1 meter.Thus, if you move the sink 3 meters, it should be at the same time raised to 9-15 cm. Water pipes are no such requirements, they can go as you like, even to fall, be pulled under the floor and go upstairs to the tap.
If the sink and the water will go over the premises of neighbors, the project fits with HUS.In thi
s case you have to make high-quality waterproofing the floor and convince the Commission that your alterations will transfer the neighbors any trouble.
immediately consider how to hide pipes that will be laid across the room, the two pipes supplying water (15 mm diameter) and the sewer pipe providing plums (diameter 50 mm).Hide supply tubes in the floor screed or a wall covering.Hide downspout, besides a slope, much more difficult, it is necessary to raise the level of the floor or step to make the podium.If this is not possible, use a special pump, for example, Sololift, it can be used not only to install the sink to any level, but also to reduce the diameter of the outlet pipe.The lack of pumps is that they are quite noisy.
If you want to move the sink in the living room, keep in mind that it is forbidden by law.But there is an option - make a wall between the kitchen and bathroom hole (if the wall is not load bearing) and install the sink so that the part with tubes remained in the kitchen.Beautifully shaped and gently close all communications.Now, you have a sink in the room, and all the pipes - in the kitchen, and no laws are violated.