Electronic Castle .This design, which appeared on the market not so long ago.High-quality electronic lock very reliable.Perhaps it is the most reliable among the locking device structures.It does not require a key - it opens with the remote or entering a code.Electronic locking powered by the mains.For such security devices have their own battery.The only drawback of the electronic lock is its price - it is high enough.
surest mechanical locking - lever.This design has the sensitive part made of plates of different shapes.To open such a lock , you need to bring these records to the desired position. locking lever well suited for metal doors .
Castle having trehshtiftovy cylinder mechanism.This device consists of a number of spring-loaded pins.A larger number of pins means greater reliability.However, the cylinder of the lock can be open by a drilling because choose a design with the pins of baked steel.The key to this lock has a number of teeth, and when opening the space between them filled with pins.
Castle, which has cylinder mechanism and the pins in the cylinder.This guard, which can not be considered very reliable.They can be seen in schools, hospitals, kindergartens.The better materials from which to make such a device, the more reliable Castle .
Lock cylinder having a transverse plate.Keys for locks so resemble cylinders, cut vertically.Locks of this type is very unreliable, you can easily open any solid pick.
Castle rack.He does not stand up to scrutiny.You can open it with a knife.Keys to a device - a plate with grooves.When introduced into the key hole presses the bolt - and the door opened.
Whatever Castle you choose, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the materials.Check whether the locking state standards.To do this, carefully examine the packaging and instructions.