Tip 1: How to solder aluminum

Aluminium very difficult to solder.When soldering is formed on the surface of the oxide film.But aluminum is made a lot of home appliances, auto parts and mechanical parts.If the unit is out of order, not everyone can afford to buy a new one, especially since it is possible to repair the old self.
you need
  • -nazhdachnaya paper;
  • -chlorides ammonium;
  • -chlorides zinc;
  • -water;
  • -zheleznye filings;
  • -kanifol;
  • tin;
  • -vismut;
  • -Gloves;
  • -payalnik.
First we need to prepare the surface for soldering.Clean it from dust, dirt or paint.Sandpaper or a file and alcohol degrease.Be sure to dry the surface as a wet aluminum brazing impossible.Be prepared to a flux which facilitates removal of oxide films.The flux can be prepared as follows: 60 ml of water is necessary to dissolve 10 g of ammonium chloride and 30 g of zinc chloride.As the flux can also be used a mineral oil.
Melt rosin and add the small iron filings.Hot iron, apply the solution on the seam, and slowly add the solder
, soldering iron is constantly pursuing the seam.
for stronger joint use special solders of bismuth.These solders can be made independently.It is necessary to melt the tin and bismuth in a ratio of 19: 1.Then apply this mixture on the surface of the pre-greased rosin.Do not forget that during the entire soldering work should be heated.
Another interesting and effective way.The surface of the aluminum parts must be sanded and put a few drops of a saturated solution of copper sulphate.Connect the item to the negative pole of the current source (battery, battery).To the positive pole must be connected copper wire, one end of which relates to the solution of copper sulphate, but at the same time does not touch aluminum.The point of this method is that in place of the soldering should be formed copper coating, which can be a conventional soldering process.

Tip 2: How to solder the chip

soldering of integrated circuits with a large enough lead pitch may be carried out at home.The main thing to choose to do soldering and develop the skills to use it.
As the solder chip
Choosing soldering, remember that the diameter of the tip is much more important than power.Low-power soldering iron with a big tip solder the chip is less convenient than even powerful, but with a smaller diameter tip.However, buying power tools for more than 30 watts makes no sense - it will overheat, which will make it virtually impossible to solder.Very comfortable soldering stations with automatic temperature stabilization.They used more powerful soldering irons, but they are to maintain a constant temperature periodically switched on and off, like iron.Set to the temperature at which you are using is designed solder (lead or lead-free).
Properly select a flux.It must necessarily be neutral (that is, not acidic).Otherwise, after a while after the seemingly flawless soldering corrosion occurs.Do not believe claims that the flux remover will solve this problem, since it is impossible to completely wash off the acid.
Pike chip, designed for installation in a hole card, performs well.First, completely sure that it is oriented correctly.If you accidentally solder it upside down, vypayat it would be very difficult.In any case, when you install the chip not bend its findings on the reverse side - suddenly desoldering still need.
Conclusions designed to supply power, the first solder.Only then perform the same operation on the remaining conclusions.If the chip is sensitive to static electricity, use a special bracelet that is connected through a resistor megger to ground the board.
not allow conclusions circuit chip together with solder.If it still happened, it covers a lot of flux jumper, and then alternately heat the findings until they are opened.It can also help a special device for the suction of solder, copper braid and even a toothpick.Remove excess solder can be reused.
Chips SMD must first be pressed to the board, solder a few conclusions, and only then can solder the other without application of force.If the chip is very small, do not press it with your finger, and a pair of tweezers to avoid burns.Optionally, drill holes in the board even if the chip is designed for.Peel back its findings to the side, after which they can be soldered to the pads.
After soldering, be sure to clean the joint from contamination and oxidation.
Helpful Hint
When soldering thin surface you can use a soldering iron capacity of about 50 watts.For details of the aluminum thickness of 1 mm - 90 watts.For a plate of aluminum, it is first necessary to warm the surface of good soldering.