first visually inspect the entire system and make sure that all the fittings and connections are tightened firmly place.Check the chimney from the boiler (if necessary).
Then fill the heating system with water or other coolant.To do this, open the shut-off valves (or thermostat) on all radiators in the rooms.Pressure set about 1: 3.That is, if the maximum working pressure of the boiler 3 bar., It is necessary to establish 1-1.5 bar.For the system pressure may be monitored by pressure gauges.
In modern heating systems have a special automatic valve through which air es
capes.Check the correct operation and performance of all functions.
Each radiator has a release valve - the valve Majewski.Go through all the radiators in the house and through the valve Majewski vent, that is, open the valve and bleed the air until the water goes without bubbles.When you follow this procedure, the system pressure may fall.Therefore it is necessary to watch him in the case of a pressure drop catch up to the original.
Air can not just quit.In this case, repeat the procedure several times with valves.Along the way, check for leaks.Upon detection of the leak should be eliminated.
Today commonly used heating system with circulation pump.In this case, it is necessary to let the air out of him.The engine in the region of the head is a special tube, which unscrewed with a screwdriver and excess air is vented.
When the air is released from the system completely, and there are no leaks, warm water up to the maximum possible temperature.And then again, check the leakage and pressure.
Then expose the necessary temperature and heating use at your leisure.