Tip 1: How to fix leaking pipes

water pipe damage may occur for two reasons: corrosion and deformation caused by physical impact.Only corrodes the metal tube while the mechanical damage is immune no pipe.There are ways to stop the leak in the home before the arrival of plumbing.
you need
  • 1-2 yoke required diameter
  • rubber band
  • seal
  • wire
  • wrench
  • oil paint
fastest anda reliable way to eliminate leakage - to impose a collar with a rubber seal.You must first cut off and hot and cold water valve.Remove the bolts, put on the rubber seal the leak and wrap around this place a collar.Remember that you need to attach the clamp on the opposite side of the hole, otherwise the lock will loose.Tighten the screws you need a wrench.If the leak is large, then it may need 2 threaded collar.In this case, a dense piece of rubber is applied to a leak, the top and bottom clamps are applied.These clamps can be tightened with a screwdriver.
If possible buy a collar not, then you can eliminate leaks, wrap it with a ru
bber band.It can be cut from bicycle tires and other handy materials.Above the tape should be tightly wound wire coils tightly stacking.
If the leak occurred near the thread, it is possible to eliminate it by putting a rubber band.Dip it in oil paint and tightly wrap the connection.When the paint dries, a hole is securely sealed.
Of course this is all temporary measures.If the pipe is damaged by rust, then it is necessary in the first case, replace the entire pipeline.If the pipe has burst from excessive mechanical stress, it is necessary to further protect it from possible exposure.The very same spot leaks need to solder.

Tip 2: How to fix the leak in the pipe

older homes pipes generally have poor condition.That is why more and more people are replacing the old corroded pipes with new plastic.However, not everyone has that opportunity.In such situations, you just need to be measured.The old pipe often begin to flow. Leakage water pipe can be removed independently.
How to eliminate leaking pipe
First we need to cut off water supply.Note, do not completely block the water in the building.It is only necessary to close the valves that are located in the bathroom or in the kitchen.By the valves must always be free approach.It is necessary to respond quickly to problems.It is recommended not to close their closets and decorative panels.At the time of leakage every second counts.
So valves closed.Then you must try to quickly eliminate puddles of water.Problems can arise if you have parquet floors.In this case, water may enter from the bottom to the neighbors.The easiest way to eliminate unnecessary water use rags or dirty laundry.
If a small breakthrough, it can fix the problem yourself.The most popular way is to install a brace to seal.To do this, take a piece of rubber.Its size should be larger than the sample in the tube.Strengthen its best with a clamp.They are sold at almost any hardware store.If it was not close to the clamp, it is necessary to firmly primotat patch wire.
You can also eliminate the leak using a bandage.The bandage should be composed of fiberglass or other waterproof material.The tissue can be glued an epoxy resin or a special adhesive.The width of the flap tissue should be larger than the size of the break by 5-6 centimeters.Clay or resin must be applied to the entire surface of the fabric from one side.Next, the fixing of the tie or the collar.It is thus possible to achieve high-quality pipe insulation.Clay dry for more than a day.Only then can you begin to run plumbing.
You can also use cold welding.With it you can safely throw in the surface of wood, metal, rubber, glass.Apply it must be on the damaged surface.It hardens within 20 minutes after application.Before you apply makeup to wipe the surface of the pipe alcohol or acetone.Work in rubber gloves.