Tip 1: How to make a septic tank in the country

Modern suburban house in the degree of comfort is already close to the conditions of city apartments.They use the same life-support systems, to which, primarily, include electricity, water and sanitation.The device septic refers to the primary tasks in the construction of residential buildings in the country where there is no possibility to connect to a centralized communications system.

Types septic

for country and suburban homes are mainly used four types of septic tanks: industrial manufacturing, multi-chamber septic tanks made of concrete rings, two sections of the camera without the pumping of septic tanks and old tires.Cesspools with pumping, so popular a couple of decades, almost not used for obvious reasons: the inconvenience, poor sanitation, bad smell.

Each type can have different design features and dimensions, which depend on the specific conditions and needs of your family, first of all, on what the daily volume of waste, including the house and technical premises.But if you want to do
a septic tank in the country with their own hands, you have to eliminate septic tanks for industrial manufacturing and focus on the other three types.

How does a septic tank

to choose the appropriate type of septic tank you need to know principle that operates this sewerage system.Regardless of the design, it must consist of several chambers.Sewage directly from bathrooms and kitchens come in a sump, which is the first camera.In it, depending on the type septic tank effluent tested preprocessing - filtered and biodegradable, or only decomposed.

decomposition by the presence of anaerobic microorganisms in the sump, as a result of their actions is converted to insoluble organic residue clarified water and gas, which is removed from the chamber through a pipe sewer septic tank.The resulting water is poured through the hole into the second chamber - the filter well.Unlike the settler, it is not sealed - on its walls are perforated holes and at the bottom there is a thick layer of filter gravel.Through this pad having a thickness of 0.5-1 m, clarified water infiltrates into the ground.Septic tanks, the same way, completely decompose organic waste into environmentally safe components and do not harm the environment.

Septic own hands

multi-chamber septic tank design of concrete rings fairly simple, it is easy to make, so this type of sewer systems used in cottages often.In this case, for the construction of the sump and the filter chamber (there may be two) are used ready concrete rings typical dimensions are the same as for the construction of wells.To select the size of the rings, which determine the performance of a septic tank, make a calculation based on a daily amount of waste. When laying sewer pipes do not forget to provide the desired angle - for each meter of pipe - 2 cm vertically.

Dig a hole of sufficient volume to fit it in both chambers.Under the first camera that will serve as the settler bottom Grout, at the bottom of the second - make gravel bed.In settler seal the joints between the rings and Mezhuyev lower ring and a concrete bottom.Between the camera, standing nearby, make the transfer opening, if they are located at a distance from each other - fit pipes with an inclination from the settling tank to the filter chamber.Top cover camera concrete slab, which should be hatches located above the chamber and the lid closed.Above the chamber sump print a stack height of 2-2.5 m. How to make a septic tank near his holiday home - you can look online at the many videos posted on the Internet and read the reviews on the forums.

For the construction of the septic tank will need to crane, but if the amount of waste is small, you can do without concrete rings, making the camera alone, and drove them out of the concrete wall.Dig a pit for septic tank, set the formwork with drainage holes for water outlet.Between the walls of the pit formwork and iron reinforcing rods set and pour concrete, adding the crushed stones for strength.Make the chamber partition with overflow into the sump hole and pour the bacterial cultures, which are sold, packaged in bags. As a rule, once a month or month and a half into the sump must be added to a new batch of bacteria.To do this, simply pour them down the toilet, installed in the house.

Another option - use as cameras specially manufactured barrels, with inside and outside corrosion protection.But their cost is quite high, so the septic tank can be built out of old tires on heavy trucks, the walls of which will provide the necessary resistance to chemical attack unprocessed organic.It should be noted that all the joints between the tires should have a reliable seal, as well as the interface between the tire and the bottom of a concrete foundation on which to install the sump.

Tip 2: How to make a septic tank in the country

Currently vacationers often set in their homes sanitation.Probably everyone is clear that the local treatment facilities will occupy a leading position among all other schemes of this kind.
How to make a septic tank in the country
Immediately I must say that the progress now really goes towards the Cottagers.Make a cesspool or culturally speaking, septic tank can be for 4 days.First we need to dig a hole, which has a length and width of 1.5 metersNext to the bottom fits permeable reinforcing lattice.It should be strengthened by the diameter of the bottom of the fill under the brickwork 25 centimeters tall.After that you need to do bricklaying.The best thing to do is round, chess laying holes.The water in this case will not go into the soil, and the solids remain.If possible, it's good to buy on buying up metal manhole.They need to close this design.Pre-need to take care to hold the house drain pipe.This design is almost never clogged, so that cleaners do not have to call for a long time.
However, it is worth considering that the neglect of normal device treatment schemes leads to environmental pollution.If you can not use the central sewage system, it is best to take your own stand-alone device treatment systems.However, this equipment has a pretty decent value.
When installing a septic tank may have a lot of problems.The fact that the septic tank is not suitable for every soil.For example, if the land is clay, you will need to dig trenches or pits for filtering.They then need to fill with sand or gravel.The point is that the waste water after the withdrawal of the septic tank needs further purification in the ground.This filling should be changed every 2-3 years.
Also, sometimes people have problems cleaning a septic tank.It is necessary in this case to call scavengers.This, of course, will lead to additional expenses.If in a high groundwater level, during the evacuation can occur bubbling foam, which is squeezed out, as if he was any good fixed.
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