you need
  • - soldering capacity of more than 250 W;
  • - Building a hairdryer;
  • - tin;
  • - flux.
visual inspection accurately determine the location of the leak.If it is impossible to do it visually, check the radiator for leaks.Fill it with water, all pipes, except one, close the covers.Apply through the open pipe air pressure.Water begins to flow through the gaps of the cooling system.
to remove a small leak coolant from the radiator can not be drained.Warm up the engine and tightly close the mouth of a broad tank with a rubber stopper of the appropriate size.As the amount of cooling of the engine coolant will be reduced and there will vacuum the radiator, which will prevent the leakage of fluid from the radiator .
If the leak is large, remove the heat sink and dry it.To do this, drain the water from the cooling system, remove the upper radiator mount , disconnect an electric socket of the fan and remove the wiring from bracket.Disconnect hoses from the radiator .
Dry and degrease the soldering.Carefully clean the gap until the metal flux process it, put the tin wire.Warm up the soldering construction hairdryer and seal the slit of a soldering iron.If the tin is not "grasped" the metal surface, clean place to re-soldering flux and further processed.Install the heat sink in place, check the tightness of the connection of hoses and fittings.The procedure for installing the radiator will return to removal.