Tip 1: How to build a water pipeline

Water - continuous water supply system is designed to conduct water for drinking and industrial purposes from one location (usually water intake structures) to another - to the water users.Mostly through underground pipes or channels;at the destination, often purified from mechanical impurities in the filter system, water is collected at a certain height in the so-called water-lifting towers, from which is distributed through the city water pipes.
you need
  • To build the aqueduct you will need: pipes (metal or plastic);Fittings for tubes (sleeves (pieces of threaded pipes), fittings, nuts);Fuma tape (plastic tape is designed to fill the threaded pipe joints);Gas key;Water taps;water meter;water filter;taps in the sink, bathroom.
To build the aqueduct you need to get permission from local utilities.After receiving permission, you call a specialist who will show you where your home not far from the nearest water line passes (large diameter pipes supplying the street).The expert det
ermines the place for you, where you can join a street tunnel.Then agreed to place pads aqueduct with a specialist from the telephone company, which will define you, passes you in the place of the water supply system, that is the place where you'll be digging a trench for a pipe of its telephone lines.
component of the project of the future water supply system, which should be a diagram of the water supply system, connection to the highway to the point of water consumption (kitchen, bathroom, toilet).Then dig a trench from the main street of the pipe to his house.Was undermining the foundation of the house, do not forget at the same time that the depth of the trench should be at least 1.5 meters.This is due to the fact that the soil is frozen in winter from 60 cm to 120 cm, depending on what you live natural surroundings.Makes a "sucker" to the main highway, such devices are now sold ready to rub different diameters.On this "sucker" doing crane around the place doing well sucker rings of concrete, brick, or spreads, the diameter of the well must be at least 1 meter, so that there could easily go down.The conduit to the house, under the house, then outputs the so-called "riser" in the house and then put the stopcock.
Now embark on a layout of water pipes in the house.On entering the house be sure to put a filter and water meters.The filter needs to be cleaned water coming into the house from the large particles and impurities, especially rust.A water meter will help you save your money.Now spend the plastic pipes to various places in the house where they will stand taps water consumption.The pipes can be hidden in a special box, go to pull them under false ceilings, behind baseboards floor.

Tip 2: How to make water supply in the country

for holiday needs requires a lot of water.Bail out water.To make it, you need to buy accessories, equipment, right to assemble and install.Doing this is easy.
How to make water supply in the country
If the territory is no centralized water supply, the owner of the site will have to solve this problem.

Requires a well or borehole.It is from the underground subsoil water will flow.As well it is higher quality, but it is a pleasure expensive.In the well water may dry up in the hot summer.If on the territory of the villa there is such a problem, it immediately dig deep enough.

water from it is suitable for household needs - irrigation, washing, cleaning.If it is boiled, it can be used for drinking purposes.The best option would be the removal of samples and analyzing quality in a special laboratory.If the result is positive, then this water is suitable for all needs.

Water from the well

Once dug well or well done, you need to buy the necessary equipment, which will consist of the cottage water:

pump.Better use of immersion than the surface.From it will be less noise and draining process - easier.The pump should be lowered into the well to a depth that he did not get to the bottom of 80-110 cm.

pipeline.For him, it is necessary to buy a pipe.Well established IPA - Low-pressure polyethylene.They lay them underground.If you intend to living in the country only in the warm season, it is enough to put a pipe to a depth of 1 meter.For winter use, it should be at least 1.7-2 meters.

Attention!The pipeline is laid with a slope to the well to ensure complete draining of water.

further underground pipe comes out of the house.To ensure water supply into the room or lay pipe under the base, or around the exterior of the house.

pumping station, water tank.To avoid any disruption in the supply of water, you need to buy something of this equipment.It is set in the room, connected to the tube.Station or carry water distribution tank (in the shower, in the kitchen faucet, etc.).

accumulator set on the pressure switch.Its performance should be in the range 2.5-4 atm.

Hot water

nice if the country is not only cold but also hot water.For this purpose, an electric water heater.Depending on the needs of families tank volume can range 30-100 liters.

flexible pipe from the accumulator and the pump station is connected to this device.From it comes already warm water.

If water is made in the country, it is necessary to provide drainage to use liquid flowed through the pipes into the sewer system.
Check the flow of water every time you make a regular connection of pipes.
Helpful Hint
Note that the pipe running under the floor should be insulated foam boxes or other heaters.
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