you need
  • wire, solid rubber, clamp, cold welding.
universal answer to the question of how to eliminate leaking battery , does not exist.All depends on the location and size of the leakage holes formed in the iron resulting in corrosion effects.Most often, there is a leak at the junction sections of the battery.If you break a small flow of water can be eliminated by means of a collar.It is a metal structure of the two rubberized inside plates, joined together by two bolts that tighten the screws.The nuts are tightened to the required design density, and as a core element, blocking flow, acts rubber gasket.Since the risers and pipes are of different diameters corresponding to the issued and c
lamps.Therefore, when you buy should pay attention to match the size of the pipe and clamp.
If the clamp on hand was not, fit a piece of thin rubber.It can be cut from an old bicycle inner tube, or an elastic harness health.Fitting leak tightly wrapped in several layers of rubber, and the top fixed conventional wire.
a small hole in the radiator, or tube can be repaired with the help of such a substance, as "cold welding for radiators."It is sold in the form of small strips of children resembles clay.Cut off a piece of his hands kneaded until smooth and uniform in color.Then pressed motions welding sticks to spill area.