Tip 1: How to solder aluminum radiator

Aluminium - metal, hard-to-solder.It has the same quality and almost all alloys.Due to the complexity is the instantaneous formation of the oxide film on the aluminum surface.Meanwhile, it is made radiators for cars and for heating.But these devices have a tendency to occasionally fail.For example, leaking.And what to do in such cases?You can, of course, be replaced.But the necessary sum may not always be in your pocket.In this case, the radiator can also try to solder.
you need
  • - Radiator.
  • - Tegel.
  • - Soldering.
  • - Rosin.
  • - Iron filings.
  • - Solder.
  • - Table salt.
  • - sodium sulphate.
  • - Potash.
  • - lithium chloride.
  • - cryolite.
  • - Mortar and pestle.
First of all, prepare the soldering.Clean it from extraneous contaminants, paints, lubricants and the like.Sand it with sandpaper.Alumina can not be deleted, so try to do it is not necessary.In place of the soldering piece should be dry.Water makes soldering impossible and even dangerous.There are several ways aluminum brazing.
In a separate crucible melt rosin, which with stirring, add clean small iron filings in a ratio of 2 parts of rosin and 1 part of sawdust.Let the mixture cool, and later use it as a flux when soldering.
soldering process looks like.On the prepared surface, apply zhelezokanifolny flux and rub them with the help of heated soldering iron soldering zone.We need to clearly ensure that Rosin protects the surface of the aluminum air access.At a time when the surface begins to rapidly spread rosin, enter into a zone of conventional soldering tin-lead solder, and which obluzhivayut sealed object, again in the presence of iron filings.Iron filings act as an abrasive, destroying the oxide film.Further, soldering is carried out in the usual way.
If you want to get a high-strength seam, special solders based on bismuth and smoothly.You can use the following recipe.95 parts by weight of tin take 5 parts by weight of bismuth.Melt all in a ceramic crucible in a muffle furnace or a gas burner.It will be a solder.
Make a flux (flux is used instead).6.5% of pure sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, 4%, 23% LiCl, 56% KCl and 10% cryolite thoroughly chop separately.Powders mix.Keep the mixture should be in a container with a tight-fitting cap or lid, because it strongly absorbs moisture.
zone on first apply solder flux.After spreading it on the heated surface of the wire solder bismuth-tin solder.During soldering is necessary to make sure that the amount of flux is sufficient to cover the entire area of ​​soldering.

Tip 2: How to disassemble an aluminum radiator

aluminum and bimetal radiators treated in a similar cast iron.The main difference is the smaller size of the key and pin.However, it should take into account some of the features and nuances.
How to disassemble an aluminum radiator
you need
  • - set of flare and socket wrench;
  • - radiator key;
  • - new gaskets and sleeves.
First disconnect aluminum radiator from the heating system and drain the water out of it.If the heating system consists of polypropylene or plastic pipes, it is necessary to unscrew gasketed joints.It is more difficult to disconnect the radiator from the heating system of metal pipes.Try to disassemble spigot on a cart to the radiator.If this does not work, cut the eviction, and when installing a new one.
Remove the radiator attachment, if any.Remove it from the hooks.Lay the heat sink on a flat surface - on the floor or on a table.Pre enclose any litter of cloth or cardboard, may leak from the remaining dirt and water.If you put a face to the radiator itself, on radiator sections and nipples on the right side will be right-hand thread on the left side - the left.Dismantle the filter, clean it immediately: there is almost always accumulated debris of various kinds.
Take the cap or socket wrench, unscrew the right size and fittings radiator sections in the right direction.For convenience, use a ratchet spanner.Then prepare a special radiator key.If it does not exist and there is no way to get it, do it yourself from the bar and the welding machine.The key is to have the handle eyelet on the one hand, and on the other - a flathead screwdriver width such that it is held with a slight clearance through apertures nipple and rests in their inner projections.
Unscrew the nipple.To do this, insert the appropriate depth of the radiator key to an open plug-in hole.At the same time be very careful and turn the key in the direction of the thread.When an error in determining the direction of the thread, and excessive force, you fall through it.Gaskets between the sections during disassembly immediately intact and silicone pads under the cap is removed.When you install new radiator assembly.
Please note that some models of aluminum radiators are molded.Demonstrating remarkable efforts can be disassembled and them, but to collect already unlikely.
soldering iron must be powerful and always well-heated.

Regardless of the methods and recipes at the end of the soldering seam sealing resulting from the need to clean pollutants and oxidation products formed in the process.