Open the tap on the pipe heating (provided that the pipe cold at this time).Drain the water from the system .Once the water starts to push the cork , the crane will hiss, get ready for what will have to wash the floors, because the spray will fly in all directions.Repeat this procedure several times as needed.
you need the following tools: a drill and a soldering iron.If you find a section of pipe where the formed air lock, then drill it consecutively more openings to air out.This should be done carefully and evenly so as not to disturb the pressure throughout the system heating .Typically, the air goes out with a characteristic in a low h
iss.In his sound and it is determined by the end of the "operation" to repair the pipe.This is where you will need cooked and soldering.You should carefully make back the knockout holes, making sure that no leaks anywhere.
Turn the heating system , heat water to the boiling point and wait in the expander will not start bubbling liquid.At the same time it will be displaced and the entire air trapped in the tube.
This is called substitution.Top up using the same extender in water.Then she fill the gap created by the airlock.Usually it takes no great amount of water, the process of substitution is fairly bystro.Eto ways to help you cope with the problem of traffic jams in the air house system heating .
Now what concerns the car.Such trouble as airlocks, befall them.Outward signs of having problems are the problems in the automotive stove.If it is turned on to full capacity and still blowing cold air, it is theoretically possible to find the source of the problem 2: either overheated radiator, or it airlock.To find out for sure, pogazuyte bit in place, and if the air becomes noticeably warmer, then you need to deal with the heat sink, and if no change in the operation of the furnace does not happen, then fight you to the airlock.