first modification - gas column pezorozzhigom.To ignite a column with one hand press the button that opens the pilot gas valve, and a second push button pezorozzhigom.Pilot burner will light from an electric spark that creates a piezoelectric element.After the flame appears, hold down the button for 10-15 seconds.At this time it heats up the thermocouple which regulates the flame.To change the power of the heater, move the slider to adjust the temperature and water - turn the knob.

second modification - an automatic electronic ignition column (eg, column brand "Neva").It works on the following principle: an electronic circuit when a water heater sends a signal to open the valve pilot, at the same time creatin
g an electrical charge to ignite the pilot.In this case, the gas be saved substantially by 25% because no continuous burning igniter.

To enable the column, just click on the electrical switch.And to control the temperature of the water and the power of the flame, adjust the position of the knobs on the controller.The optimum position of the controller and fix it the next time it is turned on since the settings adjusted.Watch the indicator on the panel of speakers, if he began to glow, this indicates that the battery needs to be replaced, which is powered circuitry column.

third modification - column with built-in ignition of hydraulic generator.These devices are equipped with multi-function LCD display, which you can see at the same time all the necessary information, including the water temperature and reports any errors.All controls in the column are easy to use and ergonomic design and clarity.Therefore, your choice on this modification, if you want to get the maximum comfort and ease in managing column.